Lakhos Group and JCCSM Join Forces


With a strong B2B and B2C portfolio, Lakhos Group wants to be at the heart of many local corporate success stories. It is therefore natural that we became official sponsor and main marketing partner of the Young Chamber of Commerce of Saint-Laurent - Mont Royal.

This proximity with young professionals in the industrial field gives us the opportunity to create an unparalleled network of contacts, but above all, to put forward our marketing expertise to meet the emerging needs of our future partners and to help the growth of many companies. Our involvement with the Saint-Laurent - Mont Royal Young Chamber of Commerce will enable us, along with dedicated young professionals, to play a key role in the development of industrial businesses in Ville Saint-Laurent and Mont Royal.

This is just the beginning of a great partnership, many beautiful projects are coming. Stay tuned!

Lakhos Group and GCC: A Sustainable and Distinctive Partnership


In order to offer a complete service to businesses and to take them to higher heights, marketing and industrial engineering combine through a partnership. From the first communications, the managers of the two firms understood the extent and relevance of this partnership to contribute to the growth of local businesses.

Strategic management, efficiency and efficiency of business processes and marketing are certainly elements that enable the company to stand out, satisfy its stakeholders and increase its profitability. That is why Groupe Lakhos and Groupe Clermont Conseil have partnered to carry out several projects in order to offer a complete and personalized service.

Our experts will work together with the key players of the company to contribute to its internal development. and external. Beautiful projects are announced in the coming months. Stay tuned!