The company needed to modernize their image and online presence. As a result, this modernization had to have continuity in their marketing of products (packaging).


They therefore had a need for web design and creation in order to create a trendy website and a packaging for a new custom product. The design of each product must follow a guideline from the company’s brand book, but must also have distinct creative elements.


The website has been completely redesigned with a simple and uniform guideline. Each service is adequately explained while keeping the important technical elements.

We have created a modern and up-to-date product packaging. The use of the product had to be well explained in the form of icons on the packaging. Our illustrator has therefore created a series of 4 icons showing step by step how the product works. We also designed a store display and produce a 3D rendering on which we find creative elements, the company’s brand image and the functioning of the product illustrated by computer graphics.