The digital partner of innovative manufacturers.

Who we are

Lakhos is a dynamic company born in a technological environment. Growth is part of our DNA.

The user comes first

Before we build anything, we strive to understand the who, the what and the why. Answering these questions early in the transformation allows us to implement platforms that improve productivity, bring happiness and simplify processes.

Concrete instead of trendy

Trends come and go, especially when it comes to technology. That’s why we rely on research, user insights, best practices and years of experience to guide us in developing every part of your digital customer experience.

Collaborate early and often

Getting input from users and stakeholders every step of the way is essential to creating a successful platform. By constantly testing and validating assumptions, we ensure that your digital infrastructure is not only useful, but also welcomed with joy and enthusiasm.

Our mission is to provide innovative technology driven by talented people.

Our team

The experience and expertise of our team allow us to transform challenges into solutions.

Anthony Lacoste
Partner, Solution Architect
Mehdy Molina
RevOps Consultant
Simon Lemire
Partner, Business Development
Charlotte Guido
RevOps Analyst

Growing a better future requires many hands.

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