How do we support?

Every digitalization requires a period of adjustment. That’s why we operationalize strategies that shorten the sales cycle while supporting internal teams in the adoption of new technologies. We thus ensure a progressive transfer of knowledge that maximizes our clients’ return on investment.

We work with industrials to capitalize on this shift, change how they sell, and align their sales process to a new business pipeline and buying journey that is increasingly digital.

How we help with Sales Enablement

Pipeline Analysis

  • Buyer journey mapping
  • Lifecycle stage definition
  • Sales Process architecture

Technology Consulting

  • CRM implementation
  • Integration planning (marketing automation, ERP, etc.)
  • Technology migrations

Digital Sales

  • Digital prospecting
  • Sales content
  • Lead nurturing frameworks
  • Social selling

Channel Planning

  • Channel content
  • Channel marketing
  • Lead handling and accountability frameworks
  • Channel-specific ecommerce

Sales Acceleration

  • Lead outreach strategies
  • Sales tech implementation and support
  • Digital brand development for salespeople

Dashboards and Reporting

  • Manufacturer-specific Google Analytics modeling
  • CRM reporting
  • Custom sales dashboards