Map your Customer Experience (CX)

Buyers have changed and the sales process has been blown up. B2B buyers are now buying completely differently than in the past. Successful teams that will push tomorrow’s organizations are going to be completely different from what we are used to. The real question are, is your marketing & sales strategy holding up? Is it built to handle the new 4.0 era? Businesses are being challenged to do more. Appeal to more buyers. Convert more prospects. Manage more channels. Implement more technology. Manage more complex teams. Navigate a more complex and rapidly changing business landscape. Well, this is exactly what we help industrial companies navigate every single day.

Our Strategy Framework

We help industrials understand their needs and objectives in order to improve their digital marketing and sales performance. By identifying the strategic opportunities, modelling an accurate and accelerated client acquisition path and building a better sales pipeline we create a complete strategic framework that enclose the following elements:

Diagnostic & Analysis

  • Customer Experience (CX) Audit
  • UX review
  • Conversion flow assessment
  • Tech stack analysis
  • Tech integration planning
  • Tech roadmap development

Strategy Development

  • Traffic acquisition planning
  • Lead conversion mapping
  • Target account campaign planning
  • Buying journey mapping
  • Content planning
  • Inbound lead generation
  • Demand generation

Measurement & Reporting

  • Digital KPI development
  • Full-funnel goal-setting
  • Reporting & data visualization