01. Kickoff & Planning

The purpose of the kickoff meeting is to introduce you the team, understand the project background, understand what success looks like, understand what needs to be done, and agree on how to work together effectively – it’s a chance to level set and get both teams on the same page.

02. Wireframes & Mockups

This step provides a look into the layout and flow/hierarchy of each webpage. Wireframes do not show design, but offer a blueprint of how the site will appear. Then, mockups will let you view the static design. These proofs will be the template used to match in the development phase.

04. Development

Now all the coding happens. Using the static proofs as a baseline, our designers translate them into a functioning and dynamic website using HTML5, CSS and JavaScript. Keep in mind the amount of time this takes can vary greatly depending on the platform, complexity, and desired animations.

05. Quality Control

Before we give any website the green light, we perform extensive quality assurance checks to make sure your website is error-free and represents your business well. This includes tests for broken links, cross-browser compatibility, mobile-friendliness, form submissions, CMS settings, and SEO best practices.

06. Launch

The final step is taking the site live ! Depending on whether we’re updating an existing site or transferring you to a new content management system (CMS), it involves more than just flipping a switch. That’s why we like to launch on a weekday in order to be on-hand for any challenges that may arise.

Our Capabilities

Planning & Strategy

We help you plan an approach to your online presence in a way that generates positive business outcomes.

  • Content Development and Planning
  • Analytics & SEO Optimization
  • Technical Planning
  • Website Audits

User Experience (UX)

We’ll map the user journey and defining interactive experiences ensuring a user-centered approach.

  • User Experience Strategy
  • Information Architecture
  • Personas & User Stories
  • Wireframe & Prototyping

User Interface

We’ll ensure your site reflects your brand through design, form, type and color.

  • Conception & Ideation
  • Art Direction & Visual Design
  • User Interface Design
  • Responsive & Adaptive Design


Enabling user engagement through smart technology solutions according to industry best practices for the web.

  • Web Development
  • CMS (WordPress and Craft)
  • Ecommerce (BigCommerce, Shopify and WooCommerce)
  • API & Systems Integration

Who’s a good fit ?

You might be a good fit if you can identify with any of the following, but not limited, issues.

Outdated Website

Your website needs updating because it’s not user-friendly and doesn’t look modern or professional enough to represent our brand.

Not Mobile Responsive

Your website is not optimized for mobile, or is not very responsive and has a very poor user experience overall that needs improvement.

Poor Conversions

You have more of a brochure-style website and need it rebuilt with modern marketing and sales best practices to generate leads and customers.

Website Autonomy

You need to have your site redesigned but you want the ability to make easy updates or edits to it internally without having to rely on actions from a developer.