A new logo and a strong positioning



Lakhos Group gets a new look with a brand new logo and strong positioning

Lakhos Group unveils its new logo, a change that supports the group’s new philosophy dedicated to the industrial sector; an orientation that touches all spheres of the manufacturing environment and reaffirms its position as a key player for companies in marketing and sales enablement.

A new logo in the image of the Lakhos Group

A new image that reflects the expertise developed by the Lakhos Group as a B2B marketing firm. Changing a logo usually boils down to enhancing a company’s image. In this case, Lakhos defines its mission: A 360° accompaniment focused on companies operating in the industrial environment and becoming their external marketing department.

“Concretely, we enable companies operating in the industrial sector to reach the modern B2B buyer and generate quality leads. Whether it’s with the help of our strategic orientation service and/or the execution of a program adapted to their needs, we are present at every imaginable marketing step. We are 360° like the simplistic image of the circle, but between you and me, what is more complete than a circle? “explains Anthony Lacoste, partner and director of strategy, Lakhos Group.

A positioning aligned with expertise

The Lakhos Group’s target clientele is B2B industrial companies, especially manufacturers who wish to innovate to reach at least the 2.0 or even 4.0 era.

The new positioning aligned with expertise propels the company into the 4.0 industry era and drives it to work with innovative manufacturers. The 4.0 is the most recent wave of innovation in manufacturing processes.

“To define the 4.0 industry, I would use the term integration; integration of new technologies to connect the business, integration of new processes, integration of software to accumulate mass data and more. Our Lakhos Group is the main ally for these 4.0 manufacturers, we are able to bring solutions not only to systems and processes, but also to the business model and management; in short, our approach is truly 360° as our new logo illustrates here! “says Mr. Lacoste.

The new visual identity will, from now on, be used on all Lakhos Group’s media; A complete range of services in the manufacturing industry 4.0 will now be synonymous with Lakhos Group.