A new Chapter Begins



Today marks a new beginning for Lakhos Group, 3 years after we first thought of bringing an adapted service delivery model in the market. Started as a marketing firm, our involvement showed us that we were missing a gap within our client strategies as we were not optimizing each customer’s touchpoints.

We become the outsourced marketing department of companies

More precisely, we were missing two crucial phases: 1) the buying phase (selling a converted lead through sales) and 2) the post-buying phase (supporting, upselling & downselling existing customers through customer service). Our hybrid model now integrates the thought-leadership of a strategic marketing firm with the polished execution of a full-service agency. Our experience has shown that it’s the ideal solution for long-term partnerships.

This is why today we are thrilled to introduce a brand-new approach. As of today, Lakhos Group is now a 360-degree Customer Experience (CX) Firm providing a logical, streamlined approach to your business through our 3 pillar service offerings: Marketing, Sales & Customer Service. Our brand collaterals have been entirely rebranded to welcome this wind of innovation.

Check out our new website to learn more about our new Customer Experience (CX) approach and its related services : https://lakhos.com